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DETRITUS by Garrett Mallory Scott

Jacob lives in a literal backyard fantasy. Following his brother’s footsteps as he grows into a man, over the course of ten years Jacob heads deeper and deeper into the dark recesses of what was once a fun escape from his harsh domestic life and further from the responsibilities and dedication he needs to save himself. With a door onstage representing the divide between reality and Jacob’s false war-like adventures, the line becomes more and more blurred until Jacob finds himself in an unwinnable situation that life has shredded into detritus.

Written in 2015, Detritus won first place in the University of Lethbridge’s Playwriting Contest and had its first staged reading, it was then published in Whetstone Magazine. The next year the playwright moved to Toronto and in 2017 Detritus placed as finalist in Tree of Life’s Emerging Playwright Contest, where it received its second staged reading. Prairie Bear Theatre is proud to present the world premiere of this work with dates to be announced soon.

Produced by Monique Danielle

Directed by Christina Sousa

Dramaturgy by Garrett Mallory Scott

Artistic Associate Lee Stone

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